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Life Goes on At Blue Dog Farms

This pandemic has taken its toll in so many ways. We are all concerned about those who are respiratory compromised, older and immune-compromised. We are all reeling with what will be left of our small businesses when they can finally come out of this lock down. There are questions and concerns about the government involvement, too little too late? Tyrannical? This isn't a political post; just an acknowledgement of the unrest and unease so many of us are feeling. No matter where you are, please know we are feeling it too.

We are with you.

And although we wrestle with the precedent we are setting, the virus and what it means for all of our lives going forward,

Life, goes on at Blue Dog Farms.




Life goes on; nothing reminds us more of this than a new baby! ts been 10 days since Alice The Goat arrived and stole all of our hearts!

Alice was born in the early evening of May 1st, 2020. Mom Lily is a small, young, Bohr goat. This was her first pregnancy and she had been a little cautious of people, except for Jaylen who spends so much time with the goats, they claim her as one of the tribe. Heathcliff, the ridiculous goat was in the field with Lily and Gustav the guard goose was also keeping watch close by. Alice was born in open pasture and while we looked and cheered her on, she needed very little help.

Lily was a wonderful mother who cleaned up Alice and immediately worked to help her nurse. Alice was standing after a few minutes and nursing within a few moments more.

Earlier in the morning, we had learned that a dear, sweet friend of our farm had lost her mother in the wee hours. Her name is Alice so in tribute to her memory, Jaylen suggested the name Alice for her new baby. There is nothing quite as sweet or pure as this kind of gesture from a child, so Alice became Alice.

And this was another gentle reminder that we are born, grow up and age and eventually, we die and go home to be with Jesus. Still, life goes on around us.

Mom and Baby have settled in nicely. They overnight in a barn stall each night with Poppy the Goat, another doe. Each morning, Jaylen leads them to the pasture. They eat and grass and lots of weeds.

In just these few short days, Alice has grown tremendously! You can feel her little horn-nubs coming up and she likes to push on our hand or legs with them playing with us. She bounces around more steady on her little goat-y legs and loves to play and jump in the sun. She never strays too far from Momma Lily and nurses as she pleases throughout the day. She lives a blessed life.

And so do we. The blessing of our small family farm, throughout the chaos of this pandemic is not lost on us. The blessing of quiet moments, laying in the grass, with a baby goat frolicking around you. And the phone calls we get from people who need help. And the texts and messages we get from friends of the farm who want to help. And we know, that somehow life will go on; it will look different but we will still be here. We will be taking care of the animals and land God has given us, and we will be thankful for the opportunity to serve our community and our friends and family.

And life goes on....

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