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Farm Update!

Friends of the Farm,

I've struggled a bit to write this post. I've stopped and started it many times. Maybe that is because I am constantly interrupted by the infamous Twinkies, who come running in "naked button" to show me their newest Lego creation, to tell me "I have a tummy ache in my head" or to let me know of some egregious wrong committed on one by another only to say "But I forgave him so its OK."

Maybe its because Dan is out of commission. His leg is up and we are officially 2 weeks into a broken leg (in 2 places) and broken ankle (in 3 places.) Leave it to Dan to not break his leg once but 5 times and get the job done right!

Or maybe I've been struggling to write because I'm tired, and not the usual tired of a full time working momma of 4 kids. This farm business is TOUGH and with my farmer out of commission the heavy lifting (literally) falls on me and Jareth. Thank God for that kid, who is strong, farm raised and savvy and always wiling to help!

Raising grass fed and grass finished beef is labor intensive; we move cows to new pastures which requires building electric fence, wrangling cows, moving the mineral cart and providing enough water and shade.

But many of you may not know that we also raise all natural chicken. Raised on pasture, these chickens roam, eat greens and bugs living a carefree life! Our older kids move their shade structures and feed them non-GMO feed daily. This is not the typical stuff you buy at Walmart or Giant. These chickens were literally raised right here in New Freedom on MY pasture!


I have frozen chicken stocked in the freezers right now and in honor of us launching our new store, I have LOWERED THE PRICES significantly.

Let's face it, we could all use a little financial break right now, and I know once you try this chicken you won't want to go back to the store to get chicken ever again. I have lots of chicken breast, whole chickens, chicken backs, legs & thighs and a few wings left.

I've also added individual beef cuts to our online store.


It's been a long time since I had the choice cuts like FILET MIGNON, T-BONES and DELMONICOS available and as everyone is enjoying BBQ season, I also added BEEF PATTIES for easy grilling!

And you can RESERVE A TURKEY (just click the word RESERVE)

Our turkeys are all natural, pasture raised (just next to the chickens). They are given non-GMO feed and moved to new pastures every few days by me and the kids. Turkeys will be ready in late summer/early fall for pick up and will probably be sold out in the next two weeks based on how quickly they are going.

So, friends, if you've read this far, I want to thank you for bearing with the long post. Special thanks to our friends and neighbors who have come out to help during this time when Dan is out of commission. I'm so grateful for a wonderful community of friends who support us and the farm. And I want to encourage you to shop local with a veteran family who is raising delicious pasture raised meats in New Freedom, PA!

Thanks for trusting us to grow your food!



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