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Chicken Express moving to Pasture!

It's an all hands on deck evolution!

It is an exciting day on the farm!

It is the long anticipated, moving chicken from the brooder to the pasture!

Why is this such an exciting time?

It means we did a great job raising the baby chicks from hatching, keeping them safe and warm in a brooder and now we are one step closer to having more meat chickens.

It makes us all happy to see them pecking around for bugs and greens on the cool grass.

Some of them wander around a bit and then settle in the sun on their own or in small groups softly clucking.

Others seem excited to feel the grass on their funny little feet, and take a tour of their new shelter, where they have non-GMO food, water and can get out of any rain or sun.

It's another step towards filling our freezers, and bellies with delicious, lean, all natural, non-GMO, pasture raised chicken.

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