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Agrability PA - Being differently-abled


Jaylen is a DIFFERENTLY-ABLED farmer.

She is modeling her favorite handmade skirt with tiny cows all over it, and buttons with pictures of some of her heroes; PA farmers who share a passion for overcoming disabilities.

Completing her ensemble, Jaylen has her Grip Securing GLOVE given to her by Pennsylvania AgrAbility; this is an example of “assistive technology” which means it helps Jaylen be more functionally able to do her jobs on the farm.

Funded by the USDA, the AgrAbility PA project helps farmers, like Jaylen and those pictured on her buttons, by providing resources and support so they can keep farming.

She is Jaylen Van Nice, your 2019 York County Junior Miss Agriculture USA and she is proudly AGRICULTURALLY-ABLE!

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