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Spring on the farm

One of the things I love the most about farm life is the not-so-tiny miracles we experience every day.

Spring itself is a miracle. Out of the cold, barren, snow soaked ground there is a the tiniest sprout of green poking its head from the mud and muck.

The sun comes out one day after being MIA for a month and warms the earth and our hands. Suddenly, you notice more birds, more bugs and the collective yawn as everything begins to wiggle and wake up.

Somehow in the middle of the night, the mama cow starts pacing and miraculously, we happen to make an extra check, just in time to see the miracle of new life.

A few hours later when the sun is up, she is nursing the calf and showing her off to the herd.

And in these miracles of spring on the farm, we are reminded that we are blessed in everything we do, in the land we've been given and the animals we shepherd. We've been granted abundant prosperity in the young of our livestock and the crops of our ground. And we serve the most high and faithful God.

God bless you and may He help you see the not-so-tiny miracles all around you on this National Agriculture Day!

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