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Unveiling a new logo

Howdy Friends of the Farm! Giana here.

I'm sure looking forward to the weekend and hope you are too.

I'm writing to all of our web page and blog friends to let you know some very exciting news for the farm.

We've finally done a real LOGO!

I'm putting it here for you blog readers FIRST and would love to hear your gentle feedback.

Gentle? Yes, please. Because I did the design myself. I'd like to say I was on a beach, drinking a fruity beverage on my phone designing it, but maybe that is just me being silly since the weather was so awful in February.

In any case, we hope you like the logo, see how it represents the farm and our family and enjoy seeing it on all your favorite BEEF and CHICKEN in your fridge and freezer SOON!

So without further ado....

Drum roll.........

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