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The CHICKENS are coming....

Guess what is coming to the farm this Spring?

If you saw our Facebook survey and then hints, you may already know!

Yes sir! Yes ma'am!

By popular demand we are adding pasture raised, BLUE DOG FARMS - CHICKEN!

You have options here for our first time selling chickens to our family and friends of the farm.

You can elect to get your WHOLE chicken FRESH, as in NEVER FROZEN.

WHOA, what?

You heard that correctly! Fresh, never frozen, pasture raised on our farms and with the cows a lot of time.

Just schedule your pickup on the 1 day for fresh, never frozen.

No time to run to the farm on that particular day??


We will put your whole chicken in the freezer, come and pick it up within a week and ENJOY.

Help the farm AND fill your freezer?!?! WHY THANK YOU! Just let us know when you order how many chickens you would like *EVERY 3 WEEKS* We will set you up with a perpetual reservation. CANCEL ANYTIME. This helps us with forecasting and if we could get a few families to do it, we could guarantee doing chickens for a long time to come!

City slicker? Not used to cooking entire chickens?? Just don't like your chicken that way???


We will have limited supplies of chicken PARTS; i.e., buy just chicken breast.

This is first come, first serve.

The first batch of chicken will be ready the first week of MAY 2019

If it does well, we will do more.

Are you ready to order?

Just Private Message us on Facebook, email us at or call/text Dan at 717-814-2744

To reserve, just give us your name, email and phone number and how many WHOLE chickens you want and if you want to get them every 3 weeks.

**For Parts, we will post a list on Facebook around May 6 2019.

Let us know what questions you have an thank you for SUPPORTING OUR LITTLE FARM!

Grace and Gratitude,

Dan, Giana and the whole Cowologist Team at BLUE DOG FARMS

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