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Family on the farm

We often get asked how we do all this work with these enormous animals and four kiddos under foot.

It’s kind of a funny question when you think that not too many years ago family farms were the norm. Even if people worked elsewhere they also kept animals like cows, chickens, etc. But now, so many people don't experience first hand what living and working on a farm is like!

I'll give an example from several years ago when I worked in an office. I brought in a few dozen eggs for co-workers. I was excited we had so many extra but no one was interested. I couldn't even give them away. Can you guess why? They thought they were "bad" because they were not refrigerated. I made a comment about how they don't need to be refrigerated since they were just laid that morning, but it fell on deaf ears and I ended up bringing home all my eggs and making omelettes and egg salad for a week. But I digress....

Yes, this farm life may seem a little foreign to people nowadays, but it wasn't but a few generations ago that most people knew about chickens and eggs and vegetable gardens and such. I love that our kids know this stuff and think of their farm life as normal life. I love seeing my teenager blossom and be mechanically inclined; my eldest daughter being an 'agvocate' for all things agriculture and the twins running wild and free, chasing chickens and guinea hens.

Yes our girls can handle themselves on the farm. They don’t stay out of the way, they help in their own way. That looks different for the teenager who can know help with the animals more, throw hay from the loft and drive the tractors.

Our 11 year old has shown an affinity for public speaking and loves to explain to people what our family is doing and why. She helps sort and track inventory and also attends all the auctions with her dad.

And our twin 5 year olds, yep, even they have jobs to do on the farm. They feed chickens, collect the eggs and hold open gates or hold tools for their older siblings.

That’s why we love to do what we do! Everyone in our family contributes to the success of Blue Dog Farms - Grass Fed Beef! We love raising all natural, no GMO #grassfed and #grassfinished beef! We are honored to share it with our friends and neighbors. And we are blessed to do it as a family.

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