Reserve a Quarter Cow - First Available

Reserve a Quarter Cow - First Available

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Reserve your quarter cow now!  Once payment is received we will give you the month your quarter will be available.


As we get closer to that month, you will receive further directions on how we will call our USDA butcher together to ensure you get the cuts of steaks, roasts and ground beef that you'd like.  


If you aren't ready to reserve yet, we encourage you to peruse this page, follow us on facebook or give us a call so we can help answer your questions!


    This reserves a quarter cow at our first available date.


    If you have already spoken with us, please put the month you reserved in the note section. 


    You'll be eating delicious beef soon!


    There are no returns or refunds.  It is your responsibility to know and understand what you are ordering from the butcher.  We are happy to help you by making the phone call with you or by answering all questions.  That said, we want you to be completely satisfied with your order and will help you each step of the way!